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Welcome to HILIFE iLAB Core facility service portal

University of Helsinki users

  • Login in using HAKA credentials, i.e. normal UH credentials.
  • This connects your iLab account to the HAKA directory.
  • During registration, select PI/Lab/Research Group from a dropdown menu. 
  • Group membership connects you with appropriate funds (WBS)
  • You may apply membership in multiple Groups/Labs
  • If you do not see your PI on the list please reach out to iLab Support

University of Helsinki PI's

  • You do not need to register separately - your account is created through SAP integration
  • Log in with your HAKA credentials.
  • Invite/approve Group members and manage your funds (WBSs)  through 'Manage Groups'

Users outside University of Helsinki 

  • Please register here

Getting started


iLab Cores at University of Helsinki

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Biomedicum Functional Genomics Unit (FuGU)

Anne Mäkelä +358-50-4420228
DDCB - Faculty of Pharmacy Unit

Päivi Tammela +358 50 4480886
DNA Sequencing and Genomics Laboratory (BIDGEN)

Petri Auvinen
FIMM Genomics Sequencing

Sari Hannula
FIMM Genotyping Unit

Päivi Lahermo + 358 50 415 1182
FIMM High Throughput Biomedicine Unit

Laura Turunen +358 50 415 5578
FIMM Metabolomics

Anni Nieminen +358443158017
FIMM Single-Cell Analytics

Jenni Lahtela +358 50 319 8725
Flow Cytometry Unit

Nina Peitsaro nina.peitsaro at
Ge­net­ic­ally Mod­i­fied Ro­dents Unit

Satu Kuure