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FIMM Single-Cell Analytics (SCA) unit develops and provides open-access single-cell transcriptomics and genomics services nationally and internationally. Our unit collaborates closely with the FIMM Genomics Sequencing unit as well as with the FIMM Technology Centre IT Services, Digital Microscopy and Molecular Pathology unit and FIMM HiPREP unit.


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FIMM Single-Cell Analytics is a non-profit academic core facility. We are part of HILIFE and Biocenter Finland Single-Cell omics networks. 



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Jenni Lahtela
Head of Unit


Anna Näätänen, Spatial Transcriptomics and Single Cell Laboratory Coordinator, Tel: +358 50 5188196, E-mail:

Emma Saarinen, NGS Expert, Tel: +358 50 3185062, E-mail:

Janika Sirjala, Single Cell Laboratory Coordinator, Tel: +358 50 4799276, E-mail:

Anette Holmström, Spatial Transcriptomics Laboratory Coordinator, Tel: +358 50 4787860, E-mail:

Salla Hyyppä, Single Cell Laboratory Coordinator, Tel: +358 50 4489496, E-mail:

Bishwa Ghimire, Bioinformatician, Tel: +358 50 3112564, E-mail:

Jenni Lahtela, Head of Unit, Tel: +358 50 319 8725, E-mail:


Location and hours of operation

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Biomedicum Helsinki 2U
Tukholmankatu 8
Helsinki, 00290

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Jenni Lahtela
Unit Head
+358 50 319 8725


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