DDCB - Faculty of Pharmacy Unit


Overview of Services

Our Faculty of Pharmacy Unit is part of the HiLIFE platform Drug discovery, chemical biology and screening. We offer a versatile selection of support for screening projects and follow-up studies, such as:

  • Development of custom laboratory automation assay protocols
  • Expertise and support especially for antimicrobial screening. Antibacterial profiling of novel compounds
  • Cytotoxicity profiling of novel compounds
  • Follow-up studies with organotypic cell models, cellular and vesicular drug transport assays and predictive pharmacokinetic models
  • Computational ADME services, state-of-the-art predictions of pharmacokinetic properties and potential liabilities using statistical models developed in-house or available through commercial solutions
  • Follow-up studies including virtual screening of compound collections using similarity searches, pharmacophore models and docking-based solutions
  • LC/MS analytics for hits identified in in vitro screens and purity analyses of chemical libraries

Please note that if you have used our (DDCB-PHAR) services, you must acknowledge this in publications by adding the following (or similar) statement to the acknowledgements: “The facilities and expertise of the DDCB Unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, supported by HiLIFE and Biocenter Finland, is gratefully acknowledged.” Please send a copy of such publication to paivi.tammela@helsinki.fi to help us in reporting to the university the use of our services. 


Instructions on iLab both for researchers and PIs, as well as instrument list and detailed service descriptions can be found from our core facility website


Päivi Tammela Head of screening unit +358504480886 paivi.tammela@helsinki.fi

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm 

Visiting address:

Biocenter 2, Viikki campus, University of Helsinki, Viikinkaari 5, E-tower

  • 2nd floor (for LS-MS services)
  • 4th floor, laboratories 4067, 4068, 4069 and 4080 (for other instruments and  services)



Links and Resources

  1. Faculty of Pharmacy


Name Role Phone Email Location
Päivi Tammela

+358 50 4480886

Polina Ilina
Screening services

Kai Puhakainen
Screening services


Service list

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Bioactivity assays (3)

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
Varioskan LUX (Biocenter 2, room 4067)  
ChemiDoc MP (Biocenter 2, room 4067)  
NanoDrop One (Biocenter 2, room 4069)  
Biomek i7 (Biocenter 2, room 4068)  
Mantis Liquid Handler (Biocenter 2, room 4080)  
Cytation 5 (Biocenter 2, room 4068)  
BioSpa (Biocenter 2, room 4068)  
MultiFlo FX (Biocenter 2, room 4068)  
Electroporator (Biocenter 2, room 4069)  
Omnilog (Biocenter 2, room 4080)  
Biorad NGC System (Biocenter 2, room 4056)