FIMM Genotyping Unit

Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

9.00h - 15.00 h
Monday - Friday

     Biomedicum 2U
     Tukholmankatu 8, Meilahti Campus
     Helsinki, Finland

Overview of Services

FIMM Genomics provides open-access DNA and RNA sequencing and genotyping sercives for the scientific community in Finland and abroad.  The Genotyping unit provides SNP genotyping, cell line authentication and DNA methylation services. We emphasize quality both in laboratory and in data handling and can often also participate in project planning and analysis of the results.

FIMM Genomics is a non-profit academic core facility. We are part of HILIFE Genome Analysis Infrastructure and a member of Biocenter Finland Genome-wide methods network. FIMM is a member of EU-LIFE alliance. 

Login Credentials     


HAKA federated authentication.

Preferred way to login to FIMM Genomic Core iLAB is to use HAKA authentication. HAKA is the identity federation for the Finnish univerities and research institutes. HAKA is operated by CSC.

iLAB user account

When your host institution is not a member of HAKA identity federation click 'Register' and we'll  create you the credentials for accessing iLAB Core Facility management system. These iLAB credentials are separate from your host organization.


Päivi Lahermo Senior Researcher + 358 50 415 1182  
Kati Donner Senior Researcher +358 50 318 5677  
Anu Yliperttula Medical Laboratory Techninician +358 50 415 0581  
Hanna Nieminen Laboratory Technician +358 50 416 0292  

Links and Resources

  1. FIMM Genomics | Gen­ome Ana­lysis | University of Helsinki


Name Role Phone Email Location
Päivi Lahermo
Senior Researcher
+ 358 50 415 1182
Biomedicum 2U Tukholmankatu 8, Meilahti Campus Helsinki, Finland