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Ge­net­ic­ally Mod­i­fied Ro­dents Unit

Overview of Services

Genetically modified animal models serve as a fundamental tool to study genetic and molecular regulation of basic biologal, moprhological and physiologal processes as well as pathomechanisms leading to many diseases.

GM unit of the Laboratory Animal Center at University of Helsinki provides services on generation and archiving of genetically modified rodents. As a part of Biocenter Finland FinGMice platform we serve for both the local, national and international research community. We master the classical transgenesis, embryonic stem cell mediated targeting as well as CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. We are the only national core facility who is specialized to offer also genome editing and archiving services for rats.


Contact Details


Generic email:


Satu Kuure | Director
Phone: 358294159395



Fuping Zhang | Senior Scientist
Phone: 358294125055

Kylli Haller | Techinician
Phone: 358294148528

Salla Jalkanen | Technician
Phone: 358294148531



Location and hours of operation

Hours Locations

Monday - Friday    

8:00 - 16:00h


Viikki: in F-building


Links and Resources

  1. Labor­at­ory An­imal Cen­ter LAC
  2. Ge­net­ic­ally Mod­i­fied Ro­dents GM
  3. Compherensive Model Organisms Platform Infrastructures


Name Role Phone Email Location
Satu Kuure